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I know some of you are wondering if I am OK.

I am OK but of course some moments are very difficult: when I wake up in the morning (when she heard the sound of the alarm clock in the morning, Plume used to meow just to let me know it was time for me to get out of bed), when I go back home after work (the apartment seems so empty and silent) and when I go to bed as she slept with me during the last months of her life.

It was very hard to take the decision to go to the vet on Tuesday morning, but it looked like the medicine didn’t work very well anymore and that the tumors were starting to grow in her brain. It would have been unfair to let her suffer. I was there with my parents and she was not alone when the vet put her to sleep, Plume was so quite…

Thank you all, my friends, for your messages here and your emails, they mean a lot to me.  I’ll do my best to reply to all of you individually (if I have your email) this weekend or next week.

I took this picture last December, she was really peaceful.


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20 mars 2010-05

My little angel…

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The final result will be different from the original design because I use DMC threads and I don’t use beads. I don’t have the beads and I don’t want to buy them because it will be too expensive. So I will try to find a good match with DMC threads instead.


Thank you for your good vibes, the medicine seems to relieve Plume. She spends a lot of time to rest on the bed but she doesn’t seem to suffer. The little something on her back leg was an abscess. Because of the corticoid, her immune defences are low and a little spot can turn into an abscess. On Saturday, I went to the vet who burst the abscess. Things seem OK now but of course, Plume has antibiotic for 10 days.

Oh and as if it was not enough, my mother stumbled yesterday and fell down. She sprained her left wrist…

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I don’t know how to insert a video so I’m afraid you’ll have to click on the picture, it will bring you to the video so you’ll be able to see Plume and one of my pink slippers… (oh and there was absolutely nothing in the slipper).

(I hope it will work…)

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First of all, thank you all for your nice comments about my pictures and Plume.

To answer your questions, my new camera is a Canon Eos 500D.

Plume is OK even though I discovered a new mass. It was one month ago and I can’t really say if it grows or not.  Nevertheless, Plume is full of energy and plays a lot. And you’ll see on the pictures that she enjoys the sun too 😉

Here are the pictures.





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I’m very happy with this new camera, without it, I couldn’t take that kind of pictures of Plume. The colours are so close to reality!

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