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En cette période de Fêtes, les petits cadeaux commencent à arriver à destination. Je peux enfin vous montrer ce que j’ai fait au cours des derniers mois 🙂

Il y a d’abord cette petite couverture pour mug qui permet de déguster un thé bien chaud sans se brûler les doigts.

Je me suis servie d’un reste de laine et j’ai trouvé les explications du modèle sur Ravelry (c’est mon dernier projet crocheté, depuis je n’ai fait que du tricot).

Et pour ce qui est de la broderie, le « Quaker Pattern Book » de With my Needle brodé en 1 x 1  avec de la soie Gloriana Black Cherry.

Je n’irais pas jusqu’à dire que j’ai passé plus de temps sur les finitions que sur la broderie mais la formation du livret m’a demandé beaucoup de temps. Il faut dire que je n’avais pas le matériel requis alors j’ai utilisé du carton pour rigidifier la toile. Aussi mince fut-il, l’épaisseur de la toile rabattue ne m’a pas rendu la tâche facile. Mais le plaisir de savoir que la personne qui a reçu ce livret l’apprécie énormément efface le souvenir des doigts meurtris pour arriver à ce résultat 😉

Voilà pour aujourd’hui.


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After a first attempt in the world of knitting a few years ago which was not really a success, crochet gave me back to the desire and pleasure of  « playing » with yarn. So I’ve decided to make a new attempt.

I found an easy pattern on Ravelry for a scarf (thanks Isabelle for showing your gorgeous scarf so I wanted to try it too) and made one as a first try. I told myself that if I was pleased with the result, I would make another one for my Mum.

This is my first Beginner scarfette (pattern by Lynn Nasal on Ravelry)

Beginner Scarfett

I found it easy to do and liked it so I purchased some lovely Rowan yarn to make another one for my Mum.



I liked the first one but because of the yarn I used, I was a bit disappointed by the result. This one is perfect and my Mum loves it 🙂

I also made my first pattern for a crocheted scarf (not a complicated one LOL)


I can share the pattern if someone is interested, I just need to translate it in english.

I added knitted handwarmers to the scarf (pattern by creativeyarn on Ravelry).



I’m waiting for the yarn I’ve ordered online in Texas to start my first knitted sweater.

Well, I think that’s all for today.

Have a lovely day 🙂

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Crocheted case

crocheted case

Crocheted case

The result is not really what I expected but I like though.

It was supposed to be a bag and it turned into a case except that it is too large/long  for pens but not enough for knitting needles…

I’m not sure I did things as I should, I mean I’m learning crochet by myself and I think I made a mistake somewhere,  sc shouldn’t look like ribs!

I changed the way I was supposed to do the sides as I still don’t understand how to crocheting in round…

I hope it will be better next time.

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crochet cell phone purse

This is a Christmas gift I made for my Mom.

I’m a newbie and I wanted something easy to make. My first attempt at crochet was two years ago and I used the remaining material to do the cell phone purse. Of course, one of the kittens (Finnegan) helped me. He loved to play with the ball and the hook and I had to be careful that he didn’t hurt himself.

I’ve really enjoyed crochet and will try again when I find some time and inspiration 🙂

See you next year!

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Crochet: first attempt

Crochet is something I wanted to try for a long time, but nobody could teach me 😦

Two years ago, I bought a DMC kit but couldn’t manage to understand how to start.

Two weeks ago, I thought it would be a good idea for another attempt and I finally managed to make this small purse.

It took me about two weeks to do it, but I’m quite pleased with the result 🙂

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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