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OK girls, this is a picture of my last letter.

Isn’t this little octopus cute?

Nevertheless, I know you want to see the whole piece, so here it is 😉

I’ll stitch the border letter and will finish it as a cushion 🙂

I really had fun with this alphabet and I would recommend it if you like that style and design.

My next project? Well, I’ve started it yesterday, you won’t be too surprised if I told you it’s a Shepherd’s Bush 😉

I may not post a lot this week because I’ll be very busy, this means I may not comment a lot on your blogs…

Have a lovely week 🙂

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I didn’t stitch the eyes of the lady because her face is so tiny that I thought the eyes might have been too big.

Oh and I’m done with the whole alphabet. I finished it last night I’ll post a picture of the entire alphabet tomorrow 🙂

Have a lovely Sunday!

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I’m pretty sure this alphabet will be done before the end of the month 🙂

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…Lion (you’ll love this one Isabelle 😉 ).

M is already done (I’ll post a picture later) and I started N yesterday 🙂 I’m so close to the end that I think I could spend all the day to stitch on this piece (but I don’t think my boss would be OK if I’d bring it at the office 😉 ).

Not sure I’ll have time to post an entry tomorrow because I’ll have a kind of oral test for my work: I’ll have to speak about a project in front of a board of 4 examiners. Very stressful… Wish me good luck!

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Another quick block to stitch 🙂

Not sure the entire alphabet will be done before the end of the month but it sure will be before mid-October 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

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This one was quicker to stitch than the previous one. I stitched it in one day!!! I couldn’t believe it 🙂

Carla, yes, I’d like to finish the entire alphabet before starting a new project. I think it should happen shortly 😉

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This one was quick to stitch. I’ve started the next one as I’d like to finish the alphabet soon (I’m dying to start a new project (the Shepherd’s Bush checkered sheep).

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 🙂

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