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I added the last beads a few hours ago! I can say I’m very pleased I’m done with it. It was a big project started in March last year and I didn’t imagine it would take me so long to finish it.

But I love the result!

Japanese Garden (Chatelaine Design)
Fabric: 36 ct Edinburgh linen, tropical breeze (Silkweaver)
Threads: DMC

I won’t frame it but will make a cushion when I have some time and find a lovely fabric to match with.

Japanese Garden (Chatelaine Design)
I don’t know yet what my next project will be but it will not be so large, maybe a Shepherd’s Bush design, I love them and they grow fast. I also have some idea for birthday or Christmas gifts and if I don’t want to be late, maybe I should start now LOL.

Thank for all your encouragements while I was making this JG. 🙂

See you next time with a new project and some kitty pictures 😀

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New update on Japanese Garden.


And kitty picture (have a look at all the snow on the window!). I can’t believe they are already 6 months old.


Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

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The kittens still keep me very busy that’s the reason why my blog seems deserted…

But here I am to show you my progress on Japanese Garden 🙂



I don’t think it will be done before the end of the year because of all the special stitches and beads to add LOL.

Sorry if I’m not very chatty but Altheia is on my knees with her head on my right arm so it’s not easy to use the keyboard without disturbing her 😉

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I stitch while the kittens are sleeping but as most of the time I have one kitten on my knees, I don’t progress as fast as I did in the past, that’s  not a problem, though. 😉


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I’m done with 3/4 of the design (except special stitches and beads parts). I wish you could see it for real because the picture doesn’t do justice to it.

I can tell you now that it will not be finished before I have the kittens because they’ll be at home in less than 2 weeks. On October 5th, I’ll be the proud owner of 2 lovely kitties (or maybe it will be the opposite LOL).

Have a sweet weekend everyone.

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Now that my summer break is over I have less time to spend online, that’s the reason why I posted my last entry a few weeks ago. But I’m still here!

I should know in the next days when I’ll bring the kittens at home. The castration and sterilization are planned on September 20th, so I could bring them home two weeks later 🙂

Have a nice weekend everyone.

finnegan + altheia(Sept 4, 2010 – Picture by Mèo Linh with permission)

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It looks like I can’t stop stitching as it is growing more and more LOL.

I’ll visit the kittens again this afternoon. What a good way to cheer you up when your summer break is about to end and that you’ll go back to work next week…

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