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(version française un peu plus bas)

I wanted to let you know that if I now knit and crochet I still stitch!

This is a snowman and his sheep that I finished yesterday.

I was lucky because the red fabric didn’t rubbed off on my hands and thread.

As always, this Shepherd’s Bush design was a pleasure to stitch.

‘Red Snowman’ by Shepherd’s Bush. Started on August 22, 2011 and finished on August 27, 2011.

* * *

Ce n’est pas parce que maintenant je fais du crochet et tricote que j’ai laissé tomber la broderie 🙂

Voici un bonhomme de neige et son mouton que j’ai terminé hier.

J’ai eu de la chance que la toile rouge ne déteigne ni sur mes doigts ni sur les fils, mais il faut dire que comme les températures ne sont pas très élevées,  je n’avais pas les mains moites pour broder.

Comme toujours, ce modèle de  Shepherd’s Bush fut un plaisir à broder.

« Red Snowman » de Shepherd’s Bush, commencé le 22 août 2011, achevé le 27 août 2011.

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I really liked to stitch it, especially because it was a fast project and I need something that would be done quickly 😉

I love SB’s kits and usually I have enough threads to stitch them but this time I was out of one of the green threads. Luckily, another green in the kit was close enough so I could use it to stitch the last 3 rows 🙂

I don’t know yet what will be my next project, but if I want to be ready for Christmas, I think I should begin to stitch my Xmas present now LOL.

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After Japanese Garden, I wanted to work on an easy and quick project, so I picked one kit in my Shepherd’s Bush stash and here is my new WIP: « Into the night ».

SB Into the night-1

It’s so pleasant to make large stitches and easily read instructions and chart (I had to enlarge the chart to work on JG). 🙂

I think I will wait a couple of years before I start a new Chatelaine project  LOL.

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I was supposed to show you some pictures of my progress on the design, but I’m already done with it…

My next project will not be finished as fast as it should be a Chatelaine Design: « Japanese Garden ».

Have a nice week everyone.

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I love it!

I already know what my next projects will be. I have 3 Dimension kits I want to stitch: 2 butterflies and 1 kimono. I will have to work on aida, it’s going to be weird to work on that kind of fabric as I now mostly work on linen…

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I love the colours on this one.

I’m not very chatty today because of a headache and a hot weather but I wanted to show you my progress on this piece. 🙂

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This is my progress on « My Earth ».

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I was asked if I listen to music when I stitch and if so, what kind of music.

Well, I don’t usually listen to music when I stitch because I do it in front of my TV but when I sew I like to listen to some music. Most of the time it is classical music (especially Mozart) but it can be movie soundtracks too or traditional Irish music.

And what about you? Do you listen music when you stitch/sew?

It’s the end of my summer vacation, I’ll go back to work tomorrow…

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