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When I bought the october issue of Burda Magazine in 2007, I saw different patterns that I liked. I already made one dress from this issue (see here).

There was another pattern I liked a lot. It was a jacket but I thought it could be fine as a blouse too 🙂

I had that lovely fabric I bought last year that I wanted to use it for a skirt but didn’t. I thought it would be perfect for the blouse.

It wasn’t as hard as it seems to make it and I’m proud of my first buttonholes! LOL

The pictures aren’t very good but I hope you can see the details of the garment.

Have a nice day, my friends.

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I finished this dress last weekend. I was supposed to sew it this summer but couldn’t find time to do it…

I haven’t worn it yet and thought I wouldn’t do it until next summer but I realized that I could wear a tee-shirt under (thanks to the stretched fabric LOL).

It is Isabelle‘s fault and her Little Black dress if I bought this pattern 😉

I made a back vent for the first time and the explanations were very clear.

I’d love to make that dress again, maybe in black (I hope you don’t mind Isabelle) as I think it is very « chic » and « indémodable » (as Isabelle well said).


Things are going back to normal with Plume. She doesn’t seem to suffer anymore (what a relieve). She walks normally, climbs on her favourite spots (near the window, on the table  – she sometimes has troubles to climb on the sitting room’s table but it’s ok if she can use a chair to help her -). She even played a little with me earlier today.

Thanks again for all your good wishes.

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Simplicity 3794

I made this skirt (Simplicity 3794) a few weeks ago.

I bought the fabric during my summer break but I wasn’t sure about the pattern. In fact, when I purchased the pattern, I had the perfect fabric for it but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric to make the skirt, so I had to find something else…

The fabric wasn’t too hard to work with despite its fluidity. The problem is that it crumples a lot (as you can see on the picture).

When I went to the store to find some fabric, I purchased a lovely grey with white stripes fabric that would be perfect for a dress. I should be able to show you a picture  of the finished dress soon 🙂

Have a nice week.

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I read it on the sewing instructions but can’t find a translation in french so I have no clue what it is exactly. Does it have to be done by hand or not?

Can someone explain, please ?

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Simplicity 3750 (view C)

I made this tunic at the end of July at the end of my summer vacation.

I’m happy because it looks quite similar to the pictures on the envelope 😉

It was quite easy to sew except for the bias at the armholes. It took me 2 attemps to sew them. I don’t know if I’ll sew it again but if I do, I’ll have to shorten the elastic at the sleeves and top front…

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A new top

During the first days of my summer vacation, I made a new top. Again, I found the pattern in an old Burda magazine (March 2008, pattern #109).

I changed a little the front because the low neckline was too much for me.

Don’t ask me what kind of fabric it is because I don’t know LOL. All I know is that it is really pleasant to wear. 😉

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A simple skirt

Thank you very much for your comments on AB, I appreciate them a lot!

Today, it’s about a skirt I made last month. It’s a really simple skirt but I like it.

This is not the pattern I wanted to use but I didn’t have enough fabric to do it 😦

My Mom bought this little piece of fabric when she visited her sister in Brittany last May. I absolutely don’t know what kind of fabric it is. It is very silky. When I saw it, I immediately thought I could make a skirt in it and had the idea of the skirt.

I was so disappointed when I realised I wouldn’t have enough fabric to make it! So I asked my Mom if she could help me to find a pattern that would not need a lot of fabric (I only had 1 meter of fabric). And after having a look at all the patterns she has, she found that one from an old magazine.

I made the skirt in 2 days 🙂

I love it and it is really pleasant to wear.

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