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and I just love them!

Altheia is a little shy and Finnegan loves cuddles.

This morning


This afternoon



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I met them today for the first time!

They are adorable and already so friendly!

I have the authorization to post pictures so here are some 🙂

The mum « Lulla » and her 5 kittens
bbs 19-06-10 (9)

And the ones I’ve chosen 🙂

Finnegan de Mèo Linh (male red silver blotched tabby)
bb2 30-06-10 (17)

Fée Altheia de Mèo Linh (female blue silver? blotched tabby)
bb3 30-06-10 (3)

Aren’t they cute?

I wanted a male and a female, if possible with different colours and not brown as Plume was.

Lulla gave birth to 5 kittens, 3 males and 2 females. Both females are blue, males are brown, red and blue. So I had not really the choice for the male but I don’t regret it as this red little boy is really cute. I couldn’t make my choice for the female and when I met them, I didn’t choose, Altheia chose me! She spent a lot of time looking at me, charming me, so I knew  it would be her! 🙂

Oh I forgot to say they are Maine coon cats.

I think you should be able to see more pictures of all the kittens soon if you visit Mèo Linh’s website.

Thank you Sandrine for your friendship and welcome everytime we meet and for your trust. I think you already know that the kittens will be cherished when they’ll be at my place in a few months.

(All pictures by Mèo Linh’s cattery)

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